More than half of my internship is already over. I can’t believe I’ll go back home to Germany in less than a month. But for now I’m still here and want to tell you about some special moments and experiences I’ve had at Two Rivers Marketing so far.

Before I headed to Des Moines, I got an email about my “ambassador.” To be honest, I had never heard this word before, and I had to look it up in my English-German dictionary. My ambassador was another associate named Brianna. She was a great help during my first weeks in Des Moines and at Two Rivers Marketing. I could always talk to her whenever I had a problem or any request. I think this kind of introduction program helped me become familiar with my new surroundings — at work as well as at my new home. I haven’t experienced this in my past jobs. The more common way in Germany is to be plunged in at the deep end. ☺

Furthermore, I really liked the idea of the “Great First Week,” which every new associate has at Two Rivers Marketing. I got a schedule with all important meetings and appointments during my first week. I met colleagues from different departments (e.g., PR, social media, video editing) to chat about their projects, tasks and background.

Another unexpected thing happened at the end of my second week. It was Friday at 4:30 p.m., and I heard people talking in the kitchen. I took a glance at what was going on and was surprised to see some of my colleagues sitting in the kitchen, talking and having a beer. They immediately invited me to join. I found out that this is held every Friday. I really like this kind of little social event at the end of the week. The associates have the chance to exchange stories about work, private matters or anything else. It helped me to get in touch with my colleagues, meet them and hear tips about Des Moines and my planned trips.

I’m absolutely happy that a good working atmosphere is such a priority at Two Rivers Marketing. To be honest, I was very worried about not becoming a “real” member of the team since I would be here for such a limited time. My doubts were more than needless, because fortunately everyone made it so easy for me to feel welcome.

I am very sad that I have to go back home in less than a month, and it is incredible how time moves so quickly. But before I hit the trail to Germany, I will definitely write a last blog post about the things I have learned at Two Rivers, my experiences in the U.S. and my plans for Germany!

About Alice Schröer

Alice Schröer came to Two Rivers Marketing from the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, Germany, where she studied marketing. She spent a semester in the U.S. learning about the industry and our culture. During her internship with Two Rivers, she wrote a few blog posts about her experiences.