Monthly archives for June, 2017

Are social media trolls really that scary?

Customer service and your brand’s social media presence go hand in hand, but how you distinguish between and respond to genuine customer... Read more>>

Perk up your employees with unexpected benefits

Ah, summer. Growing up, it meant sleep-away camps, putting in some serious hours at the pool and, above all else, a three-month break from... Read more>>

SSL certificate 101: What you need to know

In Google’s 2016 State of Website Security report, it was shared there was a 32 percent increase in the number of hacked sites in 2016... Read more>>

4 best practices for training your distributors and dealers

Offer opportunities for both traditional and tech-savvy learners Today’s consumers are savvier and smarter than ever before. Within... Read more>>

Gen Z and social media privacy

Earlier this year, I had a first-year Drake University student shadow me to learn more about my role as a social media specialist. One of... Read more>>