Female runner and three circles that share key statistics

In October 2017, I signed my name on the dotted line. Swiped my credit card. Bought the gear. Attached the membership keychain to my car keys. Ready or not, I was now an official member of a yoga studio.

My first hot yoga classes weren’t … glamorous. I tumbled out of crow pose. Soaked shirts with sweat. Realized a particular pair of yoga pants weren’t quite as opaque as I thought. But I kept going. And, for the first time in my life, I actually wanted to work out. Looked forward to it, even.

A new fitness approach

See, I’d been the queen of good intentions for years when it came to workout routines. I’d spent several years thinking that if I ran often enough or bought new tennis shoes or tried new routes, I’d eventually love jogging. (Never happened.) Then came a few months of waking up early for morning laps at the pool. (Didn’t last.) I joined a gym but only got there once a week or so. If I wasn’t a regular, paying the member fees seemed like a waste. So I’d cancel my membership only to repeat the process on January 1 of the following year. (#FailedNewYearsResolutions, anyone?) Pretty pathetic.

But yoga was different. Maybe it was the two-for-one combo of exercising my body and my mind simultaneously. Or maybe I’d finally just found “my sport.” But I’d be remiss to not give some credit to the Two Rivers Marketing associate wellness perks. Specifically the Healthy Activity Reimbursement. The reimbursement awards associates if they go to the gym or a fitness class 36 times in a three-month period. I’ve met the requirement every quarter since the agency started offering the benefit — the most consistently I’ve worked out, well, ever.

Rewarding active employees

The saying’s true: money talks. Knowing that I have to meet my 36-visit gym quota to get the reimbursement has gotten me out of bed and on my yoga mat many a morning. Even though I’d rather sleep in. Or have a Netflix marathon. It also makes the pricey yoga studio fee much more manageable.

Instead of being financially punished for not meeting a wellness benchmark, I’m rewarded for reaching my health goals. It sounds simple, but framing wellness as a positive increases the attractiveness of the program. Working out makes me feel stronger, healthier, and more confident.

Studies show that these personal benefits can have a direct impact on an employee’s work performance — and the bottom line of the company. Corporate wellness is a growing industry to the tune of $8 billion in the U.S. alone. Companies that offer wellness programs have an easier time attracting new employees and see a financial boost. One study found that for every dollar spent on employee wellness, companies reported annual gains of $1.40 to $4.60. Why? Lower health insurance costs and improved employee productivity. Participants reduce their risk for chronic diseases by making better lifestyle decisions, like getting more sleep and increasing cardio. They also miss 70 percent fewer workdays due to illness in a given year.

Fun fact: lowering healthcare costs saves everyone at the agency money because Two Rivers is an ESOP, meaning we have an employee stock ownership plan!

The agency offers a variety of wellness programs to improve well-being — whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just starting down the path to a healthier you.

“Healthier employees tend to be happier employees, so if we can help associates improve their well-being, we want to do that,” says Julie Heuton, human resources manager at Two Rivers Marketing. “We know that not everyone can run a marathon, so we provide lots of options for people at all stages of their health journey.”

To find out what wellness programs your employer offers, review your benefits package or talk to human resources. Want to see some additional perks? Start a discussion with your company about boosting its wellness offerings. To get the conversation started, here are some wellness programs that Two Rivers Marketing provides its associates:

  1. Gym fee reimbursements — Quarterly reimbursement if you have 36 or more gym visits.
  2. Wellness challenges — Complete a specified number of activities, such as pushups or drinking water, to earn a paid day off!
  3. Four weeks of PTO for all new associates — Plenty of time to explore the world, pursue your passions, and enjoy time with family and friends.
  4. Flexible schedules — Need to leave early or come in late? Flex your time to balance work and life.
  5. Working remotely — No need to take PTO while waiting for the repairman. Working remotely lets associates get tasks done at work and home.
  6. Manager one-on-ones — Weekly meetings with your supervisor allow for personalized attention and career growth.
  7. Training and THRIVE courses — Internal and external training opportunities keep skills sharp and expand knowledge.
  8. Financial education — Webinars and one-on-one financial planning opportunities help associates prepare for retirement and other big milestones.

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