Winning can take many forms. As a marketing professional, you can achieve big and small wins. You convince your client to create a blog, score a story with a top media outlet or surpass your engagement objectives on social media, to name a few. Or, sometimes, in the truest sense of the word, you win an award.

Best of Show PRSA Award

Two Rivers Marketing was recently recognized by the Central Iowa PRSA with awards in three categories, including internal communications program, multimedia and technical writing. With 16 categories and 32 winners, it’s evident what great public relations and marketing work is being done here in the Des Moines area. Winning one award is great; winning three in a very competitive field is even better. And what’s best — winning Best of Show.

Our internal communications program, Social September, won best in its category and Best of Show. The program was designed to educate and engage Two Rivers Marketing associates on social media. We developed a series of activities from a launch party to educational sessions and weekly contests to get associates excited to participate throughout September 2014. We even created the campaign hashtag #postresponsibly to use on social media and to brand all the prizes. Social September was a lot fun and surpassed our objective of 75 percent associate participation.

When we brainstormed the idea of Social September, an award didn’t even cross our minds. We saw a need and set out to create a fun, fresh way to meet that need. We were passionate about the idea and wanted to see it succeed. In fact, I’m not sure we would have entered the PRSA PRIME Awards had it not been for a colleague suggesting we do so. After winning Best of Show, I thanked her for the encouragement!

We don’t set out to win an award for every feature story, video or media event we do, but what if we did? If we can unexpectedly win Best of Show, think of the possibilities if we start out with an award-winning mindset. You know — the “reach for the stars, dream big, never say never” kind of mindset.

Winning Best of Show has taught me something: Don’t underestimate yourself or your work. Stand up for an idea, campaign or project you believe in. Make it the best you can. Then believe maybe, just maybe, it’s award-worthy. And enter it. If you never enter, you’ll always wonder if it could have been Best of Show.

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