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Champion the Channel to Close Sales

Briggs & Stratton engines are very recognizable in North America. However, the brand's standby generators don't share the same leading marketing position. Since their generators are sold through dealers — many of which sell Briggs & Stratton as well as competitive generators — forging stronger relationships with their sales channel was key.


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Build Relevance and relationships

Two Rivers Marketing developed Briggs & Stratton 360 Marketing — a full-service marketing, co-op marketing, and dealer support program built from the ground up for Briggs & Stratton.

We put Briggs & Stratton dealers' needs front and center — seeking out and using their input to develop a channel marketing program that helped Briggs & Stratton serve their dealers as well as they serve their customers.

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Aggressive pre-launch communications included direct mail pieces and outbound calls to high-value dealers, a three-part email campaign to all dealers, and a series of webinars geared towards introducing the channel partner program to dealers and building excitement.

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Sales training materials helped get the team up to speed quickly.

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With this demonstration of a renewed commitment to their sales channel, dealers that had never supported Briggs & Stratton with marketing efforts utilized the 360 Marketing program - attributing their engagement directly to the co-op marketing program's flexibility and ease of use.

All KPIs for the first 12 months of the program were achieved - including metrics tied to the percentage of dealers using the program, co-op dollars spent, and increased sales among active dealers.

participation in the first 12 months of the channel marketing program

of active dealers used the program numerous times

increase in marketing activity among dealers active in the program

Dealers active in the program showed
greater year-over-year sales increases

compared to non-active dealers.

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