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After deploying $30M worth of equipment to disaster zones in 2018 for hurricane season, Sunbelt Rentals needed a way to ensure that customers were aware of its disaster response capabilities in the future.


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To establish Sunbelt Rentals as an expert in emergency response equipment rental, Two Rivers Marketing developed a social media campaign that promoted hurricane preparedness-focused content in the areas of the U.S. that were most impacted. Our target audience for this effort included emergency management individuals and those in charge of company/facility disaster response: facility managers, engineers, operations managers, and maintenance professionals at industrial and commercial facilities in vulnerable southern states.

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We used a combination of organic and paid posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Our messaging drove users from awareness through consideration and conversion by connecting them with useful content like an infographic that broke down previous hurricanes and a hurricane preparation checklist. Our final offer emphasized the breadth of equipment Sunbelt Rentals offers in emergency situations and focused on the Sunbelt Promise to deliver what customers need, when and where they need it.

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Delivering Measurable Success

By connecting potential customers with content about Sunbelt Rentals disaster recovery capabilities, we were able to exceed our goals for this campaign. We achieved 64% more impressions and almost 3x our lead goal. We used trackable links and in-platform reporting capabilities to measure the success of our social media efforts.

Sunbelt results2
Sunbelt results 511,903 total campaign impressions
3,957 total campaign clicks, 55 total campaign leads, 54% LinkedIn Inmail open rate

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