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When Titan Tire was launching their new LSW Super Singles tractor tires — a technology that has the ability to reduce soil compaction and increase crop yield — they struggled to convince OEMs to offer the technology as a standard factory option. The OEMs' objection? They were hesitant to single-source a solution that could only be replaced by one company in the aftermarket.


While nearly 80% of MFWD tractors come factory equipped with standard row crop duals, studies show only a third of farmers actually have a need to run their tractors between the rows post-emergence, meaning a large percentage of farmers are causing unnecessary soil compaction in their fields by running the wrong tires. Titan set out to prove just how much that soil compaction can impact yield by putting their Goodyear LSW Super Single tires to the test against a competitor's row crop duals. The results speak for themselves.

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Two Rivers Marketing designed a market research survey deployed via AgWeb to identify relevant end-user perceptions and farming practices to determine market potential and go-to-market strategy for several of the company's key alternative wheel/tire sizes. We found that although nearly 80% of MFWD (mechanical front-wheel drive) tractors came factory-equipped with a dual wheel/tire configuration meant for running between the rows postemergence, only about one-third of growers actually have a need to run their MFWD tractors between the rows postemergence. In short, a lot of farmers were using the wrong tires. Thus, a more targeted marketing approach was needed.

Field Test

Field testing showed that corn planted with a New Holland tractor equipped with LSW Super Singles tires yielded five more bushels per acre than an identical New Holland tractor equipped with a competitor's row crop duals — largely due to the difference in soil compaction from field traffic.

Leveraging those impressive results, we developed an integrated marketing campaign that drove demand for LSW Super Singles tires at both the implement dealer and the grower level. In turn, this convinced OEMs to offer their customers the alternative factory tire options they wanted to increase yields. 

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Print, digital, advertorial, custom e-blast, Facebook, native content.

3+ million impressions, 18,000 unique visitors to a landing page, 3% CTR on highest performing ads (25x industry average) as a result of the campaign in 2017.

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Marketing cloud email, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, corporate website landing pages, trade shows.

18,000 unique visitors to the LSW Super Singles tires as a result of the campaign in 2017.

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PR Efforts:

  • Ag Media Summit press event to educate on Case/New Holland partnership, survey findings, planting trial results, and new product rollouts.
  • Farm Progress media one-on-ones/test drive event for "World's Largest Farm Tires," including media kit with new product rollouts.
  • Multiple multi-manufacturer articles, byline articles, interview opportunities, and press releases throughout the year.

1.8M estimated reach and 75+ trade media placements as a result of the campaign in 2017.

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With a product launch strategy that helped OEMs better connect to their customers' needs, Titan finally broke through the sales barriers.

  • The 2018 end-user survey demonstrated a 40% increase in the number of growers who would be "likely to purchase" LSW Super Singles tires — a product only offered by Titan International.
  • Due to influential equipment dealer involvement in the field testing and marketing campaign, Case, New Holland and John Deere all began offering LSW Super Singles tires.
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